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Our interior design team has several beautiful designs that will make you fall in love .

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Modern Design

A broad design term referring to a home having crisp lines, a simple colour palette and the use of materials which can include metal, glass and steel.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century modern design is defined by organic forms, clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and high functionality.

Contemporary Design

The contemporary style of decorating is defined by subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, clean lines and most of all simplicity. The interiors tend to showcase space instead of the things inside.

Scandanavian Design

Characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality.

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Make your lawn match your beautiful home

When it comes to lawn care, the most common question homeowners ask is how often should they cut their lawn?

As you very well know, regular lawn care is extremely important to the overall health of your grass. However, cutting your grass too often can do more harm than good.

So, what is the magic number when it comes to mowing your lawn? Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer to this question.

Jason from Eau Claire Lawn Care says, “There are a lot of different factors that will determine how often you should mow your lawn. The biggest factor is how long you want your grass to be, and how often you are willing to cut it.”

While no one wants a lawn that is overgrown, you have to be careful not to cut too much off the top. Doing so can weaken the root system. Once the root system becomes weak, it will be difficult for the grass to absorb water and fertilizer.

That’s why it’s so important you schedule your maintenance in advance and stick with that schedule.

If your grass is currently long, that means you will need to mow it more initially. Overgrown lawns should only be cut 1/3 of the grass height at a time. This is known as the “1/3 rule”. You should cut the grass every 2-3 days until you get it to the desired appearance.

Once the grass has reached the desired height, keep a steady schedule to maintain it.

The weather will have a huge impact on how often you need to cut your grass. During the warmer seasons you will notice your grass is growing super fast. During this time you may need to cut it once a week.

During the colder seasons, often referred to as the off season, your grass will not grow as much. Depending on how cold it is, you may need to only cut it once a month. In some cases not even that often.

At the end of the day you have to tailor your lawn care to how your grass grows. No matter how often you cut, never forget the “1/3 rule”.

Some Interior Design Tips That Would Impress

Interior designs

When it comes to creating an inspiring interior design that will make an amazing impression, as a homeowner, you will see a lot of challenges. In this guide, I am going to be telling you some amazing tips that you should definitely follow. It will impress anyone who sees these spectacular interior designs.

Interior designing is all about expressing your true self. You should make sure that your test is reflected in your interior design choices. That is why, I’m going to suggest some ideas which you should consider, when you are designing your dream home.

Interior designs

  1. The very first one is that you should hang some interesting lights. Lighting can either make or break your interior design ideas. If you want to impress people who come to your house, you should get on the lighting. Pendant lamps are a great choice for a modern home interior. Pendant lights are spectacular.
  2. The second one is that you should adopt an open plan design. If you want to create a very strong impact, you should adopt an open plan design if it is possible. This design will make sure that your home appears more spacious than it actually is.
  3. See if you can decorate with large plants. Plants are definitely an amazing way to make sure that things in your house stand out. Interior plants are definitely a necessity in your house. Arrange a couple of large plants in the hallway, or you can place them in the living room. Make sure that plants are not going to cost you a lot of money. You can literally grow them for free.
  4. How about dressing up the walls with something interesting? Put in some unusual patterns with attractive colours. See if you can put in some great works of art. If you love paintings, I am sure you can incorporate the paintings with your space.
  5. I highly suggest adding some eye-catching bling. You can add some shine to your space by adding some accessories like crystals or even bronze furniture. Too much of it will make it tacky.
  6. How about elevating with white woodwork? Regardless of the colour that you have chosen for your interior design scheme is, you should consider elevating your home with some dazzling white woodwork. This definitely offers a lot of contrast against the brightly coloured walls and the dark coloured wooden floors. It will complement each other. It will also provide a traditional edge to your interior design ideas while also making your home look fresh and very elegant.
  7. I highly suggest you consider going green and also; you should invest in some art displays. In this day and age, I highly suggest you go green, so that you can make a very eco-friendly atmosphere inside your house.

Some Of The Best Home Design Software Options That Are Available Right Now

Home design ideas

I am sure that you know that renovation options and remodelling costs can add up incredibly fast. Depending on what kind of renovations you would be doing, the cost can run up to $25,000 to even $45,000, for landscaping, refurbishing and painting. Costs can even go as high as $75,000 for a completely new kitchen or a bathroom remodel. When you want to add some medium cost upgrades, installing new plumbing or renovation costs could expand a little further.

Home design ideas

But, if you are a professional architect, with construction experience, it is easy to know that your project is going good. If you are not an architect, it would be really hard to know how your project is going and if it is going the right way. Home design software is something that would allow you to realistically view how your home improvement project would turn out. It is something that will show you what it would look like. You will be able to build a flow pen, set some wall colouring and also add the furniture designs. You will be able to see what it would look like.

Home design ideas

In this guide, I am going to be talking about some of the best home design software options that are available out there.

  1. The very first one will be ‘virtual architect ultimate home design with landscaping and decks 9.0’. This is the very best one that I found. It is the best overall, because of the wizard-driven technology which will let you do everything from redesigning and entire bathroom, to even building or dream Home from the ground. You can do everything with just a couple of clicks of the button. You can even add the ability to make use of your actual photos, and the software landscape will do everything that needs to be done. There are actually a lot of advantages that would come about when you use this particular software. You will be able to upload digital photos that will be able to help plan any kind of room makeover. It will provide all kinds of technical support with tutorial videos as well. It does have some disadvantages. It is quite pricey when compared to its competitors. There is a learning curve involved when you first begin.
  2. The second one is the best one that you can use with macOS. It is called ‘The Turbofloor plan Home and landscape deluxe’. A lot of software is cloud-based, but this is one that will be installed on your computer. It is very intuitive and entirely easy to use. It has a lot of very rich features as well. It is a spectacular option for beginners.

Design Tips That A First-Time Homeowner Should Be Knowing

Home design

I will be giving you some very expert tips as to how you can nail your decorating ideas and also cherish your memories while doing so. Here are some design tips that a first-time homeowner should know about.

Purchasing your own home will definitely give you an amazing feeling. It will be the first time investing in furniture, colour, design and other things that would probably last for decades. It is something that will be very exciting and overwhelming as well. Since it is overwhelming, you need the steps. Into designing is definitely a pivotal thing that you are going to be doing in your new house. It will also give you an opportunity to infuse your own personality and make the home of your dreams come true.

Home design

Instead of investing into cheap furniture, that will only end up lasting a couple of years; you should be selective as to how you would be spending the money on furniture. I highly suggest you invest on high-quality pieces. Make sure that there is some budget towards furniture that will experience a lot of wear and tear and will still last a while. You should customise your options as well. For the living room, the sofa is a very focal point of any living room, and that is why, you should choose one that you would like and one that will go with the design of your house. If you have hardwood floors, you will probably need an area rug and something to anchor the sofa.

In the bedroom, your bed is the most important thing. It is the place where you will be spending almost 8 hours every single night. That is why, you need to invest some money, time and effort into choosing the perfect bed for you. Lighting is also very underrated, and it is one of the most essential things that your bedroom and your living room will need. Tons of natural light is what you should consider. When you move on, if there aren’t any sunroofs, how about putting in some?

This will definitely end up reducing your electricity bill, since it will let in a lot of natural light.

If you want to make a part of your house look much bigger, you should put in some large mirrors on the walls. You should also invest in some white paint. White paint is something that will make a space look much larger. The best thing that would go with white paint is some gold decorations. You can also go with some bronze accessories. Invest in some more lighting products as well. You can get a lot of lighting products that can be controlled with a remote.

Always start with a clean home. Usually when you move into your new home the previous owners have cleared everything out. This was not the case with us when we moved into our current home. We had so much junk that needed to be removed. By the time we unpacked all of our stuff and realized how much of it we needed to throw away, we realized it was time to do a purge. We called a junk removal company in Roseville, CA who came in and took everything away. This was better for us than renting a dumpster. Remember to always start with a clean slate when you move in.

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